Massage Support for Events

Please contact me if you are looking to hire my services for an upcoming event, whether it be sporting or as part of your companies next well-being day!

Rates can be discussed upon receipt of further information, i.e. location and hours required.

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Are you taking part in an upcoming event?

Perhaps you have just signed up to a local running event? The South Downs Challenge? A grueling Triathlon? Sussex' Off Road Cycling Event? Or perhaps you are looking to book your place for the next marathon or even iron man?!!

I have seen many athletes prepare their bodies physically and mentally ahead of such events and am always delighted to be a part of their journey; which I can guarantee is always greatly reciprocated from the client!

Just some of the benefits a deep tissue sports massage can have on the body includes: 

Improved muscle flexibility

A reduction in musculo-skeleto pain

Release of stress and tension in the muscles

Injury prevention

Physical and mental event preparation and recovery

Muscle maintenance

So please, don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel you may need to book in a massage alongside your training regime, secure one pre-event and of course, post-event (the most rewarding one!).

I look forward to being a part of your next journey!